Rosslyn, VA
Rosslyn, VA
Ballston, VA
The Alamo, San Antonio, TX
Columbia University
Morgan State University Library, Baltimore, MD
Pennsylvania Avenue Way-Finding Panel, client-the Newseum, produced and completed 2007.  Worked with client in development of panoramic photographic image for way-finding panel displayed at same point at which visitors see view.  Utilized high dynamic range imaging techniques to achieve image for panel.  Worked with leading museum exhibit designers and fabricators on project.
Times Sqaure Rain
Georgetown Law Center, Washington, DC
Old Post Office Building, Washington, DC
American Film Institute, Silver Spring, MD
The Plaza, Kansas City, MO. Columbus Circle, New York, NY Bogota, Columbia
Bogota, Columbia
Smithsonian National Mall as seen from the top of the Smithsonian Castle, Washington, DC
Inauguration of Barack Obama 1/20/2009
Opening Night, Washington Nationals Stadium, 2008
Georgetown Law Center, Washington, DC
Kirk's Command Center
Baker University, Baldwin City , KS
College of Charleston University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Washington DC as seen from 101 Constitution Avenue